Cerebrum introduces a decentralized network of GPUs, designed to revolutionize the distribution and utilization of computational power worldwide. Leveraging a unique software architecture, our system decomposes large, compute-intensive tasks into smaller, manageable units. These units are efficiently distributed across clusters of computers within our network, transforming numerous smaller machines into a singular, powerful supercomputer. This approach modernizes the concept of cluster computing with a focus on GPU utilization.

The network supports a heterogeneous mix of devices with CPU and GPU capabilities, promoting inclusivity and ensuring continual growth in our computational resource pool. This scalability is only limited by the global increase of internet-connected devices, offering virtually unlimited growth potential.

By decentralizing GPU access, our model not only democratizes computational power but also meets the escalating global compute demands, particularly in AI training and other compute-heavy applications. Cerebrum’s Compute Pool serves diverse needs from AI and machine learning to digital creation and data analysis, providing a scalable solution to the world's rapidly increasing compute requirements.

At Cerebrum, we address the high costs and accessibility barriers of traditional cloud computing with our decentralized GPU network, reducing reliance on expensive data center infrastructure and lowering operational costs. Our model ensures scalable, economically viable access to advanced computing resources, broadening accessibility for various users and applications.

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